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About Me

I am a Certified Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommelier and have been working in the hospitality industry for 20 years.

After years managing restaurants I am now focused on sharing my wine passion and knowledge through wine tasting and education.

Pouring Wine



For you wine enjoyement

Private Tastings

Get together with your friends and family and explore the wonderful world of wine.


Wine Classes

Restaurant Consulting

Explore the world of wine.

Learn about grape varieties and wine regions.

Different style of classes are available.

Putting together and maintaining a wine program is a lot of work and can be overwhelming.

Finding the right wines of your clientele is key, and giving your staff  the tools and knowledge to sell it is essential. 


"That was absolutely fantastic! I have received so many compliments from your presentation. Appreciated the way you shared the story and background from each wine, it was like we were in a winery tour in 3 different countries."


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